Story Of A Tear

Somewhere in the distant past,
Along with a dream my friend envisaged,
I was born.
All the while, he always knew
A bubble the dream was,
A fallacy the faith was,
But a hand to hold, he sorely missed
And grab anything he would.
So he did.

Later, one day,
The bubble burst, so
The fallacy dawned.

He treaded deserted boulevards
Searched frantically for his shadow
In the darkness.
And finally when
Looked his image
In the tumultuous waters.
He realised the vacuous truth.

All this while
Grief from his heart
I shrivelled up inside me
No pains should come
To my friend.

With nothing left
He turns to me
Who would have happily
Sacrificed his life much earlier
If he had listened.
But not meant to be.

When I knock on his eyes
He resists
Not giving the vent
To the pent-up melancholy.
Before he can rethink.
One of me jumps out.
Then to show
We are one and we dont
Betray trust
All of us pour out
From the
Blackened clouds of
Painful suffocating memories and
Heaviness of carrying an empty life.
With each one of me
Is taken away
His forever immiscible
Mixture of faith and dreams.
Maybe you would say
You met the same end
You would have if you died earlier.
Why did you have to
Come in this world?
I say no.
A sacrifice for someone
In dire need
Brings surreal happiness
Even if in sadness.
Failures, hardships,pains
Are all my friends
As much as he is
I die with them.
No one can swim back
To the surface of the sea
Without parting with me.
In my life of anonymity
The end explains the existence.

PS - I wrote this poem after a prolonged bout of crying in the summer of '09. The crying was brought on by something that a dear friend said to me. I don't remember what she said, but it was something that had remained unsaid between us and should have remained so. She broke an unwritten rule by articulating it. After that, I listened to these two songs on loop, found it hard to breath, and cried to let it all go.


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