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A seemingly frail but titanium-willed 74 year old was fighting the Govt. for drafting a strong Lokpal Bill and on the other hand , a 20 year old was suffering the unfortunate consequences of choosing the wrong place for a double date. A perfect juxtaposition to find a place in the history books, maybe joke books too.

I was sitting in a pedal boat humming an old golden melody, where the Aedes Aegypti decided to savor just my blood of the four of us.

BUT, I would like to confess I have had the time of my life.

The morning of Raksha Bandhan, I was hot. The fever, initially diagnosed as just viral remained for 3 full days. I became the small baby I was 20 years back. I was on bed, super hot, all the time. I would sleep with my mummy, her arm as my pillow, facing her, and her arms around me. I would not let her go anywhere, not even to make dinner. I once laid down in her lap too, when I fainted after midnight and I was too scared. You see, twice before I have fainted. Once in school, when…