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The Ship

They say there are shores
Where the boats go to sleep
But this one is a ship
And its moorings it has snapped

The ship is tired
It wants to swim a dreamless sleep
But the sleep is always disturbed
By the memories of the storms gone past

One, which was innocent as a wave
Lulled by the promise of a shore
Drifted away confused
Eventually estranged in a maelstrom
Which in time it will escape

Another, a storm that was magic
Whose lightning used to light up the night sky
Which I know must be raging
In some other sea
Or did it get tired too and so lies dormant

Without the storm
How does the ship know
From how many million pieces
It can piece itself together
And what lies in each one of the million

And how does the storm know
Which ship will rebuild itself
To face the storm again and again
From the ashes
That it was reduced to

For all their passion
They don't last the night
And neither sees the morning sun
They both go home
The sea shelters them at it's bottom

The sea may be the ship&#…