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A November Night

It's midnight in Delhi
I go out to walk
The wind is in hiding

This road I walk on
Has swallowed a few tears
And heard all my stories

It's usually me alone at this hour
But there's a couple ahead of me
They are walking holding hands

I take out my cellphone
You have not messaged yet
I keep walking

Untitled IV

I was honest
I was myself
I will lie
I will be infinite

Of Childhood Fears

Of the hundreds of dreams that I have seen over the years, and the dozens that I remember in varying degrees of vividness, there's one whose imprint hasn't faded even a decade and a half later.

I saw this dream when I was around 10 years old. We used to stay in Vikas Puri in a 2 BHK house then.

I was standing in the second bedroom when the vacant parking lot besides my house caught my attention. There was a cylinder that had just burst, and my brother was lying next to it.

Split in half.

I couldn't make out whether he was alive or not. I immediately went to my dad who was in the bathroom, shaving. He ignored me when I told him about it. My mother was equally nonchalant and busy cooking when I informed her. My parents ignorance shocked me.

I woke up.

For a long time, I couldn't go to that room of my house, especially at night.
Between the bedroom in which all four of us used to sleep, and that other bedroom, there were the bathroom and the toilet. The toilet was near th…