That was a season of goodbyes when I quit this blog. Everything I loved goodbye-d me in one way or the other - Be it her, my college or the high-on-the-wind-and-music-speedball blueline rides back home. So I thought who would care about another. But now I couldnt stay without writing, statuses and messages remaining the only means to show off my prowess. Now that Im back after a rather long hiatus, I wish to stretch my time here as much as I can and say allsaidandunsaid that's remaining.

I will update you all about my first year in later posts. But can describe in one word each semester. First - Sad, Second - High and the way this semester is proceeding, the word this semester is going to be Learn.

Since I am not in the clutches of Sadness any more, my writing isn't going to be half as good it was the last time, but atleast it will be ME who's writing. As for my other blog - EMOTIONULL PORNOGRAPHY, its seeing a shutdown because it was a product of indifference, which never lasts and more importantly, I cannot be emotionull.

I would appreciate it if every reader of this blog chooses not to reveal his/her identity and comment as anonymous. With a hope that this time my foray into blogging lasts longer, I sign off with a message to you all, and me.

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down
You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet

No change, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change,
but I'm here in my mold , I am here with my mold
And I'm a million different people from one day to the next
I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no

That me shall remain
Cause its a bittersweet symphony this life


  1. great,ur return to writing is making me really happy and I dont really know why....welcome back!!!

  2. U ask for anonymity and it shall be given to you but what i ask is why u ask this.
    I'll keep up with being anonymous , if u can realize who i am.

    i'll tell u something that'll make you sad-
    "You are not sad and this is ..."

  3. @Coolvibes: Thank you very much!! Be anon from the next time. Whenever people say they are happy because of something I have done, I feel happier. Update your blog soon. Keep commenting.

    @Anonymous: Thanks for commenting and remaining anon. I have always maintained that strangers are ones best friends, but in another way you all are also my best friends, so meaning no disrespect to you and others, I want to keep hearing from you all and anyways I am a fan of being anonymous. If I have to know you, maybe I will.
    And I didnt get your last line, not at all.
    @anyone: Remain anonymous or choose an identity.

  4. Love your new way of being all positive. Hope it stays this way. Waiting for more stuff eagerly, its as if like, you gave alcohol to a sober man.

    Hope to meet you someday.

  5. @an honest liar: Means a lot coming from you, and ya we will meet soon. Didnt take me a second to realize who you are.

  6. emotionull.
    loved the word,too good,nice observation.
    love your sence of humor my writing isnt going to be half as good...this line made me laugh..
    the background is raining ,looks better than the black one..

  7. @teramain: Thanks for all. Even I like this template better. And no prizes for guessing you as well :P, most probably.

  8. i was trying to bring your attention to the fact tht , u feel u are not sad anymore, and this would prove to be a hindrance to your writing, then just be sad with this fact.

    now tht u r sad with this fact, u r not sad anymore, which will again make u sad, so u can be happy(sad) tht u will always be sad(happy).

  9. I read this 5 times but got it in the end. I will try to implement after thinking what you said, but unsure if it will help. Vaise you are right, I will try to be happy (sad) that I will always by sad (happy).

  10. Hey, may I know your name or would u like to be called as The Spectator only..??

  11. Infinity in Hindi. I will write a post titled "The Spectator" a decade later.

  12. 'Ananth'

    Don't know if m right...

  13. Hey, I asked about ur name, cos I was wondering if in my blogroll, I should write 'The Spectator' or 'Ananth'...

    Bdw, just a few mins back I read a post which had ur name mentioned... So that's how I am sure about my guess now :)

  14. I shall take that as a compliment...

    Hey, u din tell me how would u like ur name to be mentioned on my blogroll...

  15. Pseudonym. I would like everyone to know me as I know myself.

  16. welcome back..great to see you on the best track you could ever choose..i.e.LEARNING..
    and gives a source of inspiration to me as well to learn more..
    hope to see you happy always..
    "everywhere you go,always take the weather with you"


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