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An emotional boy
Looking for stories and a bigger love
Had an ambition
of taking people down the only road he had ever been down.

He fell in love with a gal
Simple and hard to notice
Entangled within complicacies of her own world.

He first guided her as a good friend
Then supported her at every heartbreaking juncture
And now is ready to spend every moment of his life with her.

She, first hesitant, shy and speculative
Followed each of his words of guidance
Started herself to be growing to a new life
Finally accepted and vowed to reciprocate to his true love in the best way she can.

And now it seems to her as if she is yet to be
Woken up from a wonderful dream shes living
Where every day is full of excitement to do something new
and something better which encompasses the whole world's love within it.

PS: She knows she is not dreaming!!!


PS 1: My girlfriend wrote this on both of us. She is an Angel, I wouldn't tell you her name.

PS 2: I have so much to write but being i…




I have been in love for as long I can remember, starting when I was in 5th class. I was new to the school, and we had this fancy dress competition. I was dressed as David Copperfield and she as a fairy. Who could know then what love is, but I could not help thinking the whole day that I wanted to sit next to her. And would you believe it, the next day, our class teacher rejigged the seating plan, and she was sitting right beside me. That was my first tryst with love.

That day and today, I haven't been out of love any single time in these many years. This doesn't mean it has been for the same person all these years, or even been for a person for that matter.

I feel fearless these days, since I have it in mind to love everything that comes my way. If I am to be left broken again in the future, I will love the Sadness and Darkness as well. They anyway have been my greatest friends for a long time in the past, and I was really addicted. Then what is there for me to fear, when I a…


I sleep very late these nights. After I do lay down in bed, I reminisce not too distant old times especially how I spent the first half of this year and I feel scared. So scared I feel like crying although I don't and niether do I need anyone to hold on to. It's just looking back and seeing what I was in. It is easier to retrospect now that I am almost done with that phase.

It wasn't Sadness. I was done with that last year already. It was a high no one who has not experienced it can know. Something higher than Sadness.

You don't even know something is happening to you.
Nothing makes any sense.
Whatever is going around you. Whatever anyone has to say. Whatever anyone does.
You don't want anything but the wind. And music.
Just think and think and think. Just go on and on and you don't even know you are going on.

It was logical in a way. The things that started happening to me since 12th had to reach an end.

Anything that rises must reach a height.
And the whole f…


It's that time of the year when the wind changes.
The change is subtle.
But I can feel it. Who can understand better than than me the one I romance.
I have made love with it too many times to be betrayed now.
It doesn't express it's love for me but I understand it in my love for it.
It brings with itself a certain tinge of the upcoming winter.
The fire quality it has will be subdued and replaced with the incessant cold spray.
Though it will burn more if you tried to dare it. Just try running against it and you will know what I mean. Just try seeing it without blinking your eyes and tell who relents earlier.
It's not just a season change, I believe this will herald a change in me and my life too. This time I don't know why but it seems to me it is bringing something along.
I can feel it when I go out to walk at midnight.
I can feel it when I go this park after it gets dark and I am the only one around.
I can feel it when I go to my balcony immediately after getting up.
When it …


I wanted her. More than anything I have ever wanted. I don't feel the same now, been around 2 years. I can't even tell how much because we usually forget the way we feel about people when we don't feel the same way. And I can just guess how strong that feeling was. I can't be sure. But I know that the desire was deep.

Nothing else matters.

Even when people don't get their first love, they have some moments to cherish when they were atleast friends. Here, in a nearly half-life longing, I have no moment, save one, excluding the dreams. She used to make me feel invincible, even inspite me knowing everything. It may sound childish, but before any major event, exam or competition, I used to think about her once and I would know that nothing would stop me from winning.

Nothing else matters.

Most of the people have a must-do-in-life list. It's great but I don't have a list but there were certainly things which I wanted in life. Maybe I do have one even now, but there …