Last Days - I

Last Day at my First School

It was 23rd April, 2001. My mum was there to pick me up at the bus stop like everyday. While walking back home, she told me that DPS Dwarka had called earlier in the day and had selected me after the written test. Only 4 were selected from the 150 who wrote the admission test.

I had no qualms leaving my old school. The reason I was so excited to join DPS Dwarka was that my best friend had left St Marks a year back, stayed in London for 6 months, where his father had been transferred, and joined DPS Dwarka after he came back. I wanted to get back with him. It's another story that I found other friends and that we never reached the level of friendship we had earlier.

Coincidently, a friend of mine had his birthday that day and he had invited me. Being the unsocial kid that I was. I did not have many friends in school whom I would miss but there was this one friend who I really wanted to meet one last time. I was very sure that she would come for the birthday since she was good friends with the birthday boy. I kept waiting throughout the party for her but she didn't come.

After the party ended, a classmate of mine took me to her house, which was nearby, to show me to her parents. The smug feeling after this incident made up for the disappointment of not having seen the one I wanted to.


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