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6th Semester

Let me write, till this writing "blanket" covers me. It's rare.
Eventful. That's the word for this semester.

The overnight programming competition in JNU, where we came third after solving 4 problems in the 8 hours allotted to us. That was the only competition for which I really wanted to clear the prelims. It turned out we could only clear the prelims for that one amongst the 4 to 5 prelims we sat for. Staying out of my house all night was a big thing for me. The extra 1000 bucks, icing on the tasty cake.
Organising Mini Todo-En-Uno ( puzzles and maths and brain teasers ). The feeling I got on witnessing 270 people turning out for an event I consider to be my baby. Even in our wildest estimates, we hadn't expected that. We fell short of people, question papers, but managed everything quite well. Had to run around a lot. A fitting reply to the "gooondas" who came. And went. :D
Youth Festival at Amity. Totally rocked at it, won a total of 4 trophies. We wer…