Scars Indelible

Many things in life leave scars indelible,
Which rest within you for the rest of your times.
To keep them as shadows, it's better,
So as to enjoy, when nowhere are to be seen the happiness chimes.

Tides will come, tides will recede,
As no one governs their ways.
The star fishes once brought to the shore will always remain where they are,
Till the swords of time make them char.

Winds of joys and sorrows will keep swaying,
The branches of trees will keep playing,
The rains will change deserts to oceans,
And if they want, oceans to deserts.

No matter how hard you try,
A mountain you will never be able to shake.
Some things are beyond your control,
Life will always your beloved things take.

What will never end is your wait,
You will always be late.
Even a rainbow which is colorful is curved,
Why do you expect your life to be straight?

PS - I wrote this in school.


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