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एक पेड़ खिड़की से दिखता था
मचलता झूलता हमेशा नज़र आता था

पर बाहर जब भी मैं जाता था
शांत होकर खड़ा हो जाता था

वापिस अंदर आने पर मेरे
फिर अपना नाच शुरू कर देता था

ये सिलसिला काफी दिन चला
और थमने का नाम नहीं लिया

एक दिन मैंने खिड़की तोड़ दी
और फिर कभी बाहर नहीं देखा

The Swing by the Sea

By the sea
I was standing by the swing
As you came by and sat

I stepped back
Pulled the swing
And let it loose

Slowly you opened your wings
And everytime the swing came back
Your warm wings crashed on me

I never saw your face
I knew your mind was empty
I knew you stared at the horizon

Just as I thought
The wings would only trace this pendulum
You flew towards the setting sun

Do you know how to swim?
Do you know there's no island in sight?
Do you know it will be dark soon?

Or that
Even if you change your mind
You might be too tired to return

Or did you fly away
Only because you knew this all

Another day
I would have come with you
But I just looked down
And kept swinging the swing

I'm not your sea
I'm not your horizon
But I will be here
Your shore