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2013 - Part 3

Anon 5
Towards the end of 2012, I met these awesome people(Trilords) in person, in one of the most awesome places(SIGs) and had one of the most awesome times of my life.
I was overwhelmed in the starting of 2013 with the efforts such wonderful seniors had taken for us, a feeling which was only to increase with passage of time. I became great friends with them, and then came the BootCamp. Undescribable. Or probably best described with the facebook statuses I updated then.
Had this amazing trip to Andaman and Kolkata, two brilliant places. Both reminded well of the colonial past, and treated with cherishable sights and experiences.
Andaman, a very laid back, pristine and enjoyable place, and Kolkata quite the opposite. And visiting them with your childhood friends and families as close as your own was incomparable.
College activities, projects and exams happened at their own pace.
Had this new found interest in programming, that was interview oriented. Had chacha's wedding during ex…

2013 - PART 2

This was supposed to be here 3 months back but I kept waiting for a few friends to send their pieces plus I could not write my own review of the year. I am still not done with my review and my remaining friends are no longer are going to send their's. So here are the pieces of those friends who found time and sent.

Anon 1
Life has been great this year. Been through many ups and downs, but one thing has been constant and I wish that part of me stays constant throughout my life.

The year started on a sad note, with me failing in something important to me. Got back up on the saddle for it. Faced yet another failure. Got determined to face it one last time. Worked hard, harder than I've ever worked towards something. I believe I'll be successful this time, but even if am not, I'll be glad that I did recognise that I can work hard, rather than being just a lazy bum.

On the work front, it has been the same old story, with ever rising targets and ever lowering efficiency. Peo…