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Find your calling, we all are told. I for one am totally fucked up finding mine. I know am good for nothing. There is nothing I have done in my life, no achievement to be proud of, nothing at all. There is not one thing which others, or me, might call my talent.

A loser is what I am. I have really always believed in this, through thick and thin.
I have always looked at my friends, and others - each one is good, rather the best at something. But not me. Each one of them is best at heart too. I consider myself the most fortunate person on this earth for having them.
There used to be days when I used to be very upset at having no talent, something at which others would look up to me for. I have complete confidence in me - such a day will never dawn.

It's not that I have anyone to blame, I have only myself to blame. There is no single thing to which I have set out with my heart and soul.
I have given up. Given up every single time I have faltered on a step whenever the upward trend saw eve…


I am not going to term this as another comeback to avoid being ridiculed.
It's just an attempt to do something I once loved dearly - writing.
It's not that I have not attempted to write in these 6 months, I have. My drafts are home to some incomplete pieces.
I want to blog, but the words just dont come, like they used to come last year.
I am just forcefully typing away on my keyboard, just because I want to chronicle my life and I'm tired of writing incomplete posts.
I always tried that whatever I write is a refection of beauty, and was satisfied with whatever I came up with. But it has seemed impossible to write in the old way again.
I guess I will have to accept that I won't be able to write that way again. You too be prepared to read nothing like my older posts.
I don't think I now have the patience to write long posts like I used to write back then, so atleast the first few posts now will be short.
Maybe in the future, I will again write something I like.
For now, it wi…