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AU REVOIR 2011 - Part 3

As I am sitting fumbling with my keyboard to keep up the deadline of publishing the year end post in this year itself, I can head Kolaveri-Di from some adjoining society. What else, all the people in the party are singing it along. And here I am, working faster than what I can to meet my self-imposed deadline.
Here are my remaining friends.

Anonymous 5

I can barely remember all that happened this year, things that i actually do remember go back only a month. 
So after a great effort going into this, I've listed all that i do remember about this year and that makes me Smillllle every time!!
1. Ami, Newest addition to our family! 
2. Every moment spent at L.C, for those who dont know, L.C is one of the best Hangout places
in my college, for me it has become a place of daily celebration and joy! (You have to have the Chhola Samosa with
the spicy chutney)
3. Seeing through our college's cultural fest from the start uptil the end of it, One of the best experiences I have ever had.
4. Getting…

AU REVOIR 2011 - Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my year end post. How can it be complete without my friends, the people who mean all this life to me. Last year I asked some of my friends to write for my blog in my year end post. I wanted them to write about their year - any important moment, any unforgettable moment, or what the year meant for them. I have repeated the same this year too and now I intend to make it an yearly ritual, though the friends writing will keep on changing. There are some new people this year, few from the last year din't write this year. Anyway, looking on the bright side, the family size has increased. Since all the entries if combined in one post will make it look like a novella, I will divide it into two posts.
Before their experiences, there is a song which I couldn't mention in the previous post. I don't know if I understand these lyrics completely, I don't even know if I relate to any of them, but I just Love it.

Kabhi mujhe lagey ke jaise, saara hi yeh jahaan ha…

AU REVOIR 2011 - Part 1

2010 is coming to an end. For some reasons, I haven't been able to do justice to the facebook status I had put at the outset this year - "Each year of life has been better than the last, here's to hoping the same for this year - Happy new Year". There aren't any golden moments to revisit this year. It has been a dull, drab year which has seen the fountain of confusion spouting at the highest intensity. Each night , I had a revelation about how I wanted to spend my life, only to go to the complete opposite other side of the pendulum the next day. This earned me the nickname of Jhoole Baba, from myself.

That I spent 3 weeks down with dengue might be the only thing I remember this year for, except the confusion ofcourse. I also spoilt the reputation I had earned in all the 14 years of my student life till now, by attending classes even on mass-bunk days and not agreeing to it on other occasions, the side effects of dengue supposedly. This was the year when I would fi…


A seemingly frail but titanium-willed 74 year old was fighting the Govt. for drafting a strong Lokpal Bill and on the other hand , a 20 year old was suffering the unfortunate consequences of choosing the wrong place for a double date. A perfect juxtaposition to find a place in the history books, maybe joke books too.

I was sitting in a pedal boat humming an old golden melody, where the Aedes Aegypti decided to savor just my blood of the four of us.

BUT, I would like to confess I have had the time of my life.

The morning of Raksha Bandhan, I was hot. The fever, initially diagnosed as just viral remained for 3 full days. I became the small baby I was 20 years back. I was on bed, super hot, all the time. I would sleep with my mummy, her arm as my pillow, facing her, and her arms around me. I would not let her go anywhere, not even to make dinner. I once laid down in her lap too, when I fainted after midnight and I was too scared. You see, twice before I have fainted. Once in school, when…


I have always found it difficult to describe myself, until now.
I found just the right words for me.

I am a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it.
The fact is I have never caught any..

A car comes from the left - I forget the previous car, only till it passes me again somewhere in the road. Oh, there is another coming from the right. Bye bye old car, I found a new one to chase.

I want to be - A dog chasing a single car.


Find your calling, we all are told. I for one am totally fucked up finding mine. I know am good for nothing. There is nothing I have done in my life, no achievement to be proud of, nothing at all. There is not one thing which others, or me, might call my talent.

A loser is what I am. I have really always believed in this, through thick and thin.
I have always looked at my friends, and others - each one is good, rather the best at something. But not me. Each one of them is best at heart too. I consider myself the most fortunate person on this earth for having them.
There used to be days when I used to be very upset at having no talent, something at which others would look up to me for. I have complete confidence in me - such a day will never dawn.

It's not that I have anyone to blame, I have only myself to blame. There is no single thing to which I have set out with my heart and soul.
I have given up. Given up every single time I have faltered on a step whenever the upward trend saw eve…


I am not going to term this as another comeback to avoid being ridiculed.
It's just an attempt to do something I once loved dearly - writing.
It's not that I have not attempted to write in these 6 months, I have. My drafts are home to some incomplete pieces.
I want to blog, but the words just dont come, like they used to come last year.
I am just forcefully typing away on my keyboard, just because I want to chronicle my life and I'm tired of writing incomplete posts.
I always tried that whatever I write is a refection of beauty, and was satisfied with whatever I came up with. But it has seemed impossible to write in the old way again.
I guess I will have to accept that I won't be able to write that way again. You too be prepared to read nothing like my older posts.
I don't think I now have the patience to write long posts like I used to write back then, so atleast the first few posts now will be short.
Maybe in the future, I will again write something I like.
For now, it wi…