2018 - So High - Part 2

Anonymous 1
This year was the most eventful one in my life so far. It started on a high note with organizing a couple of events at my b-school: a business conclave and an IPL of sorts. Had a lot of fun working in very challenging situations, seeing it take its shape, and finally the insane parties that follow. Then came the most crucial summer internship. The one thing that you're into right when you enter a b-school and is extremely significant for your entire college tenure, placements, and everything. It was here. Though for the good.
Got to know why it is the dream employer. Looking back, those two months were like a dream I never dreamt of. Lavish accommodation, crazy parties, and mind-blowing projects. Stepped into the managerial shoes I always wanted to and enjoyed the roller coaster ride to the fullest.
Soon after, one unfortunate evening, I heard of my grandfather's demise. He had not been keeping well for some time, but to lose him was the biggest pain of my life. He love…

2017 - Thank You - Part 4

Anonymous 7

As another year has drawn to a close, its time for some introspection. On the work front, the year started on a great note with our company going live with a TV Ad Campaign, and I got to witness from close quarters the planning associated with such a campaign and the (big) numbers involved with it. Post this, I was unable to crack an IJP for APM role because of some shortcomings at my end and a few misunderstandings from theirs. However just a little while post this, I got shifted against my will to the category team as an ACM. In my short stint here, I learned quite a lot and was finally thankful for the opportunity provided.

However, not all was good with respect to my future plans as even a decent percentile in my 3rd attempt proved to be futile. Down but not out, I decided to go for one final attempt (?) by putting in my papers for the first time come October when I could no longer find it possible to manage my job and studies at the same time. I am thankful to my emp…

2017 - Thank You - Part 3

Anonymous 4

2017 was the best year of my life!           

It gave me all the wonderful things that life has to offer and also dished out a few which will keep haunting and comforting me while lulling me to sleep in their lap at twilight (yeah, disturbed sleep cycle).
Do we really have control over things? (+) What makes things happen?
How do we gauge which situations require immediate action, and which ones time will take care of?
Do some things just have a way of happening? And other things not?
Kindly pardon me for the heaviness.

A rather thoughtful thought in the context of the last question was shared with me recently. Rephrased, it says it is futile to think if something had to happen or not, what is more important is what we do after that thing has happened. What is thoughtful here is to understand that we have a choice to mould ourselves to become better for ourselves each day, simple (and profound) as that.
On 23rd April, I had just gotten done with a project for which I had…

2017 - Thank You - Part 2

Anonymous 1

Scored decently after a few attempts and desperation. Moved out of the job on a very optimistic note and came out of a low phase.
Published a couple of books, received encouraging response.
Moved to a new city and made a fresh and awesome start. Got amazing opportunities professionally, academically and socially. Made great great great friends, partied insanely and traveled around a lot.
Things have been too perfect. All of this is like a dream I don't want to end.

Anonymous 2
This year started on an okayish note since I was in the middle of applying for my MBA in the US. I was extremely apprehensive about applying to all the colleges as my score wasn't great and the application fee for each college was too much. But somewhere I still wanted to give it a try. This year since I was at home I developed a very unique relationship with myself. I fell in love with myself. I started enjoying my own company and dependency on external factors for happiness reduced. I also…

2017 - Thank You - Part 1

Thank you, everyone, who sent in their beautiful year reviews. I say it every year but it really means a lot to me. It's only because of you, this tradition of mine has continued into the eighth year. Every year, the post name contains a phrase that's been important to me that year. As this year ends, I feel a wave of gratitude sweeping over me. I can't thank enough my parents, my friends, my university and this city.

In the last year's review, I had expressed optimism that this would be a great year and had a few wishes, primarily of becoming a better engineer. It gives me immense satisfaction that I scored on both the points. 2017 was one of the best years in the last few years.

There's so much to remember about this year - the hard-work at Columbia, the night-outs in Butler Library, the memories made in New York, travels to California and Philadelphia, the infinitely stressful job-hunting phase in the last semester - this is a forward-looking post where I write…

कैसे ना करते

जाना तोह कहीं और था
पर उनकी तरफ गीली जो ढलान थी
हम भला कैसे न फिसलते

अकेलेपन की चोट पर
मुस्कराहट का मलहम उन्होंने ऐसे लगाया
हम और घायल कैसे न होते

हर ज़र्रा उनका सच की तस्वीर था
वैसे कभी झूट बोल भी देते
तोह यकीन कैसे ना करते

यूँ तोह जानते हैं की खुदा नहीं
मगर उन्हें पाने के लिए
रोज़ इबादत कैसे ना करते

कभी कुछ जो उन्होंने माँगा नहीं
सारी क़ायनात तोहफा खरीदने को
सर फरोश कैसे ना करते

प्यास जो उन्होंने ऐसी दे दी थी
उससे बुझाते बुझाते ज़माने को
राख कैसे न करते

आदमी खराब तोह हम भी नहीं
उनके दर पर इक़रार जो किया था
वोह दाखिल कैसे ना करते


फिर कहानी अधूरी रह गयी  बात बनते बनते रह गयी 
फिर वास्तविकता समझे थे जिससे
वोह कल्पना बन कर रह गयी

फिर गरजते  कागज़ों की उम्मीद  बरसते बरसते रह गयी 
फिर मुख्य नायिका वोह  किसी और किताब में बनकर रह गयी 
फिर मलाल कैसा, दुःख किस बात का  फुव्वारे में स्याही अनन्त बाकी रह गयी