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Scribbling Day, DCE COE Class of '13

How many more treats you want me to finance ?

The one true multi talented broddaaa!!!!

Hillarious person. Loved ur spirit of fighting tension.

Extremely energetic & imaginative. - A*

A great mentor! - U*

Hum aapke deewane hain, aap hamare dil me baste hain!!

Anant se bhi aage - D*

Loves Puzzles - A*

Good guy, helpful, me__ful coder - P*

Solutions after class :P - A*

I Love You - S*

The one whose laugh can be heard from miles

AAC - Chand chupa badal main

The Anant - That's It! - U*

My first quizzing teammate in college. You're the puzzle man from what I've heard now. You (resonate of) will always be remembered. All the best - A*

Black Blud! I know time changed our friendship but you are the first guy I made friend in DCE. You and a* look cute together. Be happy and keep her happy. - K*

We came to college together first day. Then we became colleagues :P. The most hardworking and responsible person and a good friend. Stay like this always aur thoda romantic hoja. "Si…

Scribbling Day, Class of DPS Dwarka '09

Hey Anant!!
We've been together since 2 yrs... But I think I got to know you only just few days back(28th Jan '09) You are a very nice person. Enjoy life. You'll not get a second chance to enjoy these moments. All the best for life.. Lots of luv I'll not tell u my name Guess??
From Vikas Puri to Dwarka Will always 'basanti chola' - R*
Hey Anna, I'll never forget u As u r one of the most influential person i've met. I hope that my sms was not read by ur dad - K*
Dear Anant, We've been together since 5th and we have had great time, laughing our hearts out loud. (refer to 7th class) Keep laughing always. All the best Take care
Oye.. Ye toh ud raha hai!! :p Infinite is your potential... in everything that u do.... Will really miss u... -Y*
Yo Anant, Thanks for befriending an ass like me. You've taught me so much of life. Wish you succeed in life. - P*
Hey Anant Yaar we spent a lot of years 2gether and I found u as one of the most different person I&…