Everything Ends

Everyday I wake up to find voices crying out loud,
All around I look, then realize,
That's it's me who is fighting within.
Even though happiness is everywhere,
Still the hues continue to elude me,
Staring deep into the eyes of reality, darkness is what i see.

All those memories and good times,
Like shadows were always with me,
But with light went the shadows, and
With the shadows, the merry moments.
With tears for my broken dreams,
Whose pain with no one I can share,
Secluded within walls I live,
Strange these dreams are,
Not a sound they make on breaking,
But finish your spirit from the inside, everything ends...

I have befriended many in my life,
And even deserted some of them,
Indifferent I may seem to a few,
But what goes on inside is known only to me,
Compromises at every corner of life, we are forced to make,
Not always we get, what we want, everything ends...

With regrets deep embedded into our hearts,
Each one of us lives within our own worlds,
Conscience and guilt, remorse and helplessness,
In the passage of time, turns our heart stone,
That stone will not melt, everything ends...

In the solitary depths of my bleeding heart,
Only I know, how it has been without you,
Been waiting in vain all these years.
How could all my dreams be false?
Now, my faith has begun to waiver,
Tell me, who do I ask, why everything ends...

Even our own lives, we cant mould,
Into what we want it to be,
Circumstances rule our life, they make choices for us,
We cant make any, and when we can,
Impossibly difficult it seems to be,
Why everything is written already, why everything ends...

A swinging pendulum , this life is,
Happiness on the ends, desolation in the mean,
No matter how much you try to hold on,
Good times are transient, they never last,
Always slip out of our shaky hands,
And time is the frictional analogue,
With it, slowly and unnoticeably,
Everything fades into nothing, everything ends...

Life is the only road,
where the road walks, not you, it goes on.
I strive to understand what's going on,
Why life is supposed to be this way?
Why are some things not meant to be?
Why we walk holding a hand for many years?
Only to realise later that it never was,
Only to realise that everything ran away,
But with a smile on my face,
All these thoughts and sadness, i hide,

PS - I wrote this poem during the school farewell. I wanted to recite this when we had our last class of 12th standard. I think I did, I don't remember clearly.


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