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2012 was a perfect example of a sine wave. :D Yeah certainly the Mayans didn't predict it. :P
It came with a few surprises and happiness in the first part of the year along with sadness and difficulty in the latter part of the year. Well the good news is, that it is ending peacefully with calmness in my heart. :)

The starting of this year was filled with new experiences. First of these included participating in an all night coding event at JNU. It was so much fun. I will never forget the experience of that day, giving prelims, waiting for the result, passing time by roaming around in the campus, chatting away with friends and luckily even clearing and even winning an event in which we had to stay there all night!! It is the first time that i must have spent a whole night awake and outside home. :D In the morning when the contest was over it was nice to go out of the lab and feel the chilling cold while the campus covered with fog.
The second of these exciting experiences w…


This is the hat-trick year of this custom where I ask my friends to review their year or write any special moment that they might have had during the course of the year. I am going to have a good time decades down in time when I come to read what my friends had written. There were seven friends the first time, nine friends the second time and ten this time. The graph is in the right direction. When you think deep enough, you always come to the conclusion that there is nothing that is inherently important in life. Its a clean slate and that which you place importance on becomes important. I have always maintained that friends are one of the most important part of our lives and I continue to think so. 

The time spent with friends is the best. They take you into a parallel universe where there is no worry, where there is no tension about future and no worries from the past to trouble you. There are just your friends, you and the moment. I have never wanted those moments to end. And now th…


Sorry Blog, I have not been here for a long time.

With just a day and a half left in this year, in a true engineer style, I am here to recap this wonderful year. It was the best year I have ever had. Too much has happened in this year to review in a single post. Each event deserves a post for itself.

The year started out with preparations for the technical fest of our college, in between participating in technical fests of other colleges. The ones in which I participated were very memorable. I talked about them in a previous post. Soon enough, preparations for the placement season started. In between, me and a couple of my friends started work on an ambitious project which we did not see to the end, which is the case with me every single time. This is one thing I really want to change about myself. No one can match my enthusiasm with which I begin things, but I falter midway and leave the task completely. I have truly lost count of such occasions.

Last year, I lost 3 weeks due to Dengue.…