2016, Jeete Hain Chal, Part IV


Bidding farewell to 2016 with a smile on my face. It has been the toughest year of my life. Well, I guess I said the same thing about 2015. Looking at the steeply rising slope, I think I should gear myself up for a tougher 2017 :)

 Before deep diving into the details, I would like to mention quick highlights of my experience of 2016:-
Worked like crazy. Yes with a sense of purpose, which has now got lost somewhere. The superficial purpose is always there of course!
Held on, just to move on and away from some people, both mentally and physically.
Participated in excursions like there’s no tomorrow. Well, two major trips in 6 months count as good enough for me.
Music saved my life yet again. This time I made sure to explore it alone, or whatever came by through random channels. It has become an indispensable part of my life now.
Tough times both in personal & professional lives. Looking back at it, no I don’t feel proud. But I do feel empowered in some sense.
Observed every person very closely, maybe it came naturally, to learn more, to try to understand more, just to realize that it is mostly not possible to know what lies inside.
Learned through very few books, not so happy about it. But it was enlightening to know that some online courses could also influence my outlook towards life in a positive direction. Of course reading alone can never help anyone, complementary actions are equally important.
No longer have I been the introvert. I happily spoke with almost everyone, shared my knowledge, tried to bring a smile every time I could. Tried to know the truth inside. It felt good to be able to do so.

 Learning #1
We are always biased towards our efforts, emotions and feelings. When we work hard for something we always want the results to be in our favor. But in reality, what we deserve or don’t deserve is precisely what we actually end up getting in life. The logic of the universe takes superiority in deciding what happens with us. It is no random logic, it is our actions (of the long lost past, near past and present) that gets embedded in this logic of the universe.

 Learning #2
Good, warm and loving words when spoken to us and/or by us bring about a good feeling and some sort of illusion as well. We want to put all our trust in the spoken words, but never forget it is only gem who can live up to them.

 Learning #3
It takes careful observation of the stream of events that happen in your life that will make you realize that there is someone being benevolent to you. And it is very important to pay the universe back the same benevolence (in whatever way possible), to convey that you are grateful. It is only after you have attained some sort of un-affectiveness towards your sorrows, will you be able to do so.

 Learning #4
You know nothing, like absolutely nothing at all. You feel that you know everything around you? This person deserves this, that person deserves that? No, absolutely not. It is high time to realize that we should never be over-confident or judgemental about the people or things around us. Even after grasping all the knowledge possible in this world, we will never be competent enough to unravel the tangled up universe.

 Learning #5
You will meet all kinds of people in your life. Good, bad, rough or tough. But remember, there is at least one good trait in every person that you can learn from and try to imbibe (with your flavor). It is all about finding that one trait.

 Learning #6
Accepting all the above learnings with your heart, mind and soul is the biggest of all the learnings. This is something that is going to take the longest time to be embedded in your blood streams.

 I have mentioned only those learnings that have touched me the most in this past one year. I haven’t learnt enough yet. And it might be the case that i would need to unlearn to learn new things. But it is all a part of the growing process.

To new and bigger learnings of life. Happy 2017 to everyone!


aaj anant ka message aaya, woh kahe raha tha agle saal se kisi se reviews ki bheek nahin maangega. Maine bhi kaha, haan theek baat hai bc, tu kyun maang raha hai, likhne ho lkihenge. Par fir raat ko laser show dekhte huye maatha  fir thanka. Aur fir thoda aur socha, toh samajh mein aaya, review toh humare liye hai, anant toh sirf zariya provide kar raha hai. Tab toh fir aur socha, aur yeh bhi socha ki, aaj tak toh sirf review anant ke liye likha hai, yeh soch ke likha hai ki aur bhi log padhenge, par yadi main apne liye likhun toh kya likhunga. Bas wahin likhdun, aur fir anant ko de dun.

Year ko divide karne ke bahut tareeke hain.
      Aap soch sakte ho maine janvari mein kya kiya, farvari mein kya kiya... aur aise decmeber mein kya kiya, toh ek time ordered account aa jaayega.
      Aap aise bhi soch sakte ho, aur bahut log uss tarah se sochte bhi honge apne saal ke baarein mein. Jaise ki, maine monday ko kya kiya, tuesday ko, saturday ko, aur sunday ko. Ab pathak soch rahe honge, ki "main toh nahin sochti(a) --woh aajkal feminism daalna padta hai har jagah-- aise". Par kya aap nahin sochte ki, kya main chuttiyon pe gaya(this is thinking about weekends), kya maine kaam mein tareeki ki (tue-thu), kya meri life theek jaa rahi hai (Monday). Maine toh aapki thinking bas thodi refine kar di (asli main toh main apni hi thinking refine kar raha hun is madhyam se).
      Aap aise bhi dekh sakte ho ki cheezein kis tarah saal ke andar, LOVE, HATE,CO EXISTENCE ki cycle mein ghoomti hai. Chahe yeh aapki job ho, aapki padhai ho, aapa banda(i) ho, aap ke maa baap ho.. Ab padh toh main raha nahin, toh baaki teen hi baat kar raha hun. Every action has three reactions, which then occur in a period continuously, with an oscillating function as the factor for period.
      Par yeh scrum yahin maat khaa gayi. kyunki yahan relaltionship ho gayi PM and Engg ki. LOVE mein kaam ke liye kaha nahin, HATE mein kaam kiya nahin, bas COEXISTENCE ke ek samay mein hua toh hua. isliye main recommend kar raha hun 4 weekly scrum. weekly mein log monday ko aur friday ko kaam karenge hi nahin, thu bhi most likely chala jaayega, to le de ke tue,wed kaam hoga, 2/5. two-weekly mein loog pehle mon, tue, or doosre thu fri kaam nahin karenge. then they would just wrapping up and wrapping down 4/10. 3 week mein, kaam thoda zyada cuntigious period ke liya hoga in the second week, btu still 1/3. but in 4 week scrum, fuckers will have to work for 2 weeks at a stretch. Can't waste more than a week to not start a project, can't be preparing reports for more than a week, so 2/4.. and tan tan tan the winner of scrum duration is 4 week scrums. So this is how you can divide your work cycles in office.

iss saal ki kuch baatein bhi hain jo main yaad rakhna chahunga. Just struck me if I want to forget something in future, this is the place where I can "pretend" to forget to write and then it will have been forgotten by future me. Good time trying to remember what is was, Future me.
     I was pleasantly satisfied with my current wealth, I was not before. And I realized the sweet difference there is between content and complacent, a difference of full 5 points on Levenshtein scale.
     I realized to never to try benefitting from a quarrel between two people. I will hurt myself in more ways than one, and then in some unthinkable ones.
     I realized I have to read a lot of books, I have to unlearn my biases. (side note, my biases are by default similar to LSTMs, hope I can unlearn them, or learn to zero them without gradient explosion)
     Traveling makes me happy.
     When you are in a position of power to make the correct and hard choices, do it. I learnt this with both positive and negative reinforcement examples.
     On multiple occasions I realized, the only way to write well is to write often and then re-write often.

Abbey chodd bahut kahani ho gayi subah uthke yeh bhej denge bas:
Had an amazing year, did lots of things, new thrills, exciting locations, inviting climates. Here is my photo collage for the year, will have a photo blog next year.

P.S. yeh en-IN LM ke liye mast hai

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You are writing this Year end review because your friend asked you to, otherwise you don't believe in showing your writing skills to anyone.

You had all the plans sorted out for the new year of 2016. You will go to Wayanad and spend the first day on the beautiful lush green tea gardens there. But, due to unforeseen circumstances (read as people) you spend it driving from Jayanagar to Kormangala to Indiranagar, breathing polluted Benguluru traffic air. You enjoyed playing Lawn tennis there for the first time, but you later realized you could have done that in a Sports Complex in Mumbai in much less than 10000 you paid for the Bangalore trip.

You tried freelancing for the first time. You moved out of your comfort space (read as Android) to learn something new (Node.js). You successfully completed the project and you felt a sense of accomplishment. You feel like it's a start of something new but it wasn't supposed to be.

Finally, come May, you went to a 7 days Himalayan trek in Parvati Valley, Kasol organized by YHAI. You didn't know at that time but this became your moment of the year. You passed green meadows, crossed white rivers, tried Hash ganja for the first time, slid on snow covered mountains and made some amazing friends.

Just when you feel things are going well, you came back from the trip to utter chaos in your company. Two of your friends are leaving, one got fired, other moving away. The project you were working for last 3 months got shelved. There was uncertainity in the air in your office. You also started thinking of switching jobs.

You were confused, whether to continue remaining in tech field or may be try for a Product role. Ultimately, decided on remaining in tech. Next came the location question. Where do you want to work? One of your team mate convinced you it's time to move out of India now, and there are some great opportunities in Europe. So you started preparing for that.

After countless rejection mails, you have got the interview process of two companies started before the end of the year. You hope to convert one of them.

Que Sera, Sera


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