2014 - Time And Place - Part 6

Anonymous 12

Congratulations! Your "emotional blackmail" has been successful and I'm finally writing this now! Just kidding, I had decided I would definitely write it this time after our talk on my birthday :).

I would've preferred to see you on a cheeseburst diet though :P

This year was not much eventful so this post is not going to be as long as the previous ones. The sad part is that I'm feeling bad because i don't have much to write here rather than the fact that my year was boring. Okay, I'll think about that later.

So most of this year revolved around office. It kept me really busy because of which I was forced to ignore more important things. However, I learnt a lot in office, felt the necessity to try and excel in whatever I do (for the first time maybe?) and made a few great friends. I still have a lot to achieve and need to learn to manage work better so that I can take out time for other things. Other than office, I can only remember:

July: I went for a short trip to Agra on Sidh's (my nephew) first birthday. It was a nice trip with family. The kids enjoyed a lot and I, along with them, saw the beautiful Taj Mahal for the first time.

December: My brother's family came to stay in India with us. The longest time I've ever spent with Taksh and Sidh. There's not a single boring moment with them. They spread happiness all around and their innocence and cuteness makes me smile everytime. I'm not able to give them much time along with office, but 5 minutes of playing with them relieves me of the stress of the whole day. December was also special because: I took leave from office for most of it! My birthday! Tanmay went on a project to US (missed him but was excited for him)!


Wishing for an awesome 2015 for all of us!

PS: I just saved you seven cheesebursts, maybe you can send me one? :D

Anonymous 13

Hello Anant, Thank you for following up again and again that I felt guilty every ​time I postponed writing this :)
I​ now feel​ so sorry and stupid that I didn't send you an entry last yea​r
Coming to 2014, it's been an eventful year yet again! ​​2014, In general involved a lot of travel.
​Starting with the Chaddar trek! It was my life's best experience ever. Something I recommend everyone to do once. Walking on a sheet of ice over a frozen river at 11,000 feet in sub zero temperature and chilly winds to reach the remote untouched Zanskar villages only accessible this way. Gives you a different perspective to life and things in general. It took me one whole month to get out of the Chaddar trek mindset. On our way we met a Swiss trekker who was there for the 26th time trekking the whole way, given the chance I would go back again too every year. We also had the chance to visit the Nubra Valley via the Khardung La pass, the highest motorable road in the world. The valley, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen is also the closest habitable region to the Siachen glacier (~100 km).

​Between the ​ ​travelling another big moment I remember ​wa​​s shifting to this new​ cool​ place with friends in Gurgaon (Swimming pool, Gym, Amazing view and close to Dhabas and Cyber Hub :P ). We're 5 friends with friends from each of our colleges/offices dropping in every now and then. You're invited too!

Next a couple of weddings brought in travel to Karnal, Udhampur and then we went to Simla too​ (Amritsar and Dharamshala were planned too but didn't happen)​. Then I also visited Banaras​/BHU twice once for my convocation meeting college friends after a whole year and then next for recruitment! And then finally ​came the much awaited trip to the US! San Fransisco is a hilly city with amazing weather, the Pacific ocean on one side and the bay on the other with the Golden Gate Bridge standing in between. 3 weeks was just too less too explore the city and the areas around but one thing I would recommend anyone travelling to SFO, will be to rent a cycle from the piers and cycle upto Sausalito, my second best investment in the US (first being the drone I bought!). Next was Washington DC, the city with royal architecture, endless number of memorials and museums, fit to be the capital of the U.S. And finally Pittsburgh, my sister calls it the second best in city in the world after Jaipur (Obviously she stays there). Beautiful city again! ​10 amazing days in these 2 cities were spent with my cousins and their cute little american kids :), hence this was obviously the more enjoyable part of my stay in the US.

For me, the time spent with friends and family has defined cities and my experiences more than anything else. Hoping to visit more places and meet new people in 2015!

Hope you have a happy new year too!

PS - I've attached a few pics too :)


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