2014 - Time and Place - Part 1

Anonymous 1

A farewell to two of my best friends. One blurred the line between friendship and love, other erased it. The year of change, of wins and victories but none to share it with, of growth and giving.
Of breaching all lines and creating new ones .
Of long conversations and longer silences .
I would never give up a fight , but this time I was requested to. 2014 sums up to letting go
I leave you with a line to remember me by :
There are plenty of ways to enter a pool, the stairs is not one of them
Happy 2015 ! Bring it on, life !

Anonymous 2

I just look back at what I have written in this section earlier and feel that there is so much more to be explored in the future that commenting on this year might seem childish a couple of years down the lane.
Is that gonna stop me? Naaah.
So here I go.
Reflecting on this year brings back hell load of memories. And each one of them has left me a more learned person.
Learned!! I am gonna laugh at this next year :D
Not waiting eagerly for a new year but taking a step at a time to keep learning more n more.
Cheers to learning.

Anonymous 3

This year had it's ups and downs, but the most important thing I learnt from it was to focus on my health, not just for me, but for the people around me, the ones who care for me.

2014 started off on a great note with successes coming in one after the other. I finally succeeded at something that had eluded me for long, something that was important for me to achieve, to start believing that I can do it, that I can achieve the things I want to in life. As this year ends, I have yet again embarked on a similar but tougher journey, harder and stronger at heart, determined to get it through till the end.

After the initial successes I was bogged down with work for a good part of the year, and after that an illness which kept me down and locked for about a month. On average, it has been an uphill trend up until now. I wish it stays the same, and helps me reach higher highs.

And now, the year ends, motivating me to move forward and work harder for all the things I want achieve. It won't be an easy battle, am sure of that, but I'll definitely put in my best foot forward and tackle it as well as I possibly can.

Hope the next year is a lot healthier and filled with success for all the people who love and care about me.


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