2014 - Time And Place - Part 3

Anonymous 5

This year commenced on a beautiful note. January started with a very challenging project with my friends that wasn’t successful in its true sense but did teach me lots of lessons. This was the birthday month of my most special friend so it certainly had to be great. Then came February sizzling with fests and galas. This was the most special February of my entire life as my special friend confessed his love to me, something I was yearning for years. Later followed a couple of weeks when I was high for reasons unknown :P. I witnessed casual hangouts becoming romantic dates and realized that the best thing in this world is to fall in love with your best friend and to be obviously loved back even more :). Being a very sincere and career-oriented person who always took it really hard on oneself, I tried to loosen the strings a bit. So, regardless of mid-sems and classes, I permitted myself to drown in the beautiful feeling completely for a while. April and May passed quickly amidst exams, projects and little bit of placement preparation. Some severe troubles didn’t let me prepare well for placements and I was really demoralized by that, but friends and seniors motivated me to continue. Then came the time I had to pack my bags for an internship in one of the leading companies of the world in an entirely new city. Excited and thrilled, I was all set to unleash the untouched boulevards of life, with little moist eyes(actually a lot more than little :P) These two months of internship were transforming, enriching, strengthening, enlightening and edifying. I learnt how to live away from my loved ones and still find solace. The author of this blog deserves a big pat on his back for taking such good care of me in the outlandish city. I was roommates with a really good friend who later became family for me for those two months. We did all sort of crazy stuff together to lighten the pain of staying away from home and enjoy the liberty of living independently. Then came my first birthday away from home. I still remember the super-emotional skype session I had at midnight when my family got me my favorite cake on skype. My brother made me a beautiful video capturing moments of my life. My special one was going abroad for an International competition that very night and he sang the birthday song at the airport to wish me. The birthday went good with me attending birthday calls in office the entire day and my manager gifting me chocolates, followed by a birthday dinner. I made some awesome friends during my internship with whom I’m still in touch with. Receiving the first paycheck brought an incredible feeling. I bought gifts for family and friends with my stipend. The little bit preparation I did for my placements, which were to begin in a week now, was only during my two months of internship. I never thought I’d miss the place so badly being a hardcore delhite. I locked the flat, clicked a selfie with roomies, boarded the cab and departed for the airport. Yes,I was coming home. Excited to meet everyone but nervous to sit for placements the very next day. I was fortunate enough to get placed within the first week of placement season :). But just my placement wasn’t enough. I helped my friends by all means I could to get them off the shore. I realized that the virtue of happiness can be felt only when everyone around you is equally happy and elated.I felt placed only when both of us got through. Then came the grand Placement Date we were planning since ages :P. A spectacular celebration for the phenomenal feat :D. Then life became a little relaxed and we decided to chill for a while(It got stretched until now :P). There were other painful things going on in my life concurrently as they say, Life ain’t a bed of roses. But those roses helped me steer along all the adversities. This semester came to an end with good results and I started gearing up for things I dream of. I wish to love more, to celebrate more, to be loved more and worry less next year and I certainly want all my troubles to end with this year and never pop up again :D 
I’m truly blessed to have such awesome people around in my life who have made my life a living heaven :)

2015,You bring it on :D

Anonymous 6

This was probably the most exciting year,
The placement season was approaching, the first CAT was near,
Had to study for a better score,
So a better job could fetch me more,
Had to prepare for my placement season,
To my dreams, I couldn't afford treason,
Worked hard all summer long,
But the interviews were all ping pong,
Bounced between the companies and interviews,
Getting accustomed to hearing rejection news,
Sometimes I fared well, and sometimes not,
Often cool headed, and sometimes hot,
Seeing the randomness that prevailed,
The dejected heart was further ailed,
Missed a few companies by an inch,
Needed better luck, just a couple more pinch,
My Adobe dream was shattered too badly,
Couldn't make any of the biggies, sadly,
Tried to reason once, and failed,
Got screwed up, and then bailed,
Then finally landed an average offer,
That couldn't add much to my coffer,
Got to know who were friends and foes,
Who were thorns, and who were rose,
Next in line, was the key to my dream,
Prepared for it, sailing in the swift calm stream,
Unfortunately couldn't fare too well,
MBA dreams were blown away to hell,
Murphy's law stayed by my side,
Bringing each day, a new tide,
But I still thank God and everyone,
For the struggle was a lot of fun,
Learnt experiences more than I could in a lifetime,
Now I put an end to my rhyme.


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