AU REVOIR 2011 - Part 3

As I am sitting fumbling with my keyboard to keep up the deadline of publishing the year end post in this year itself, I can head Kolaveri-Di from some adjoining society. What else, all the people in the party are singing it along. And here I am, working faster than what I can to meet my self-imposed deadline.
Here are my remaining friends.

Anonymous 5

I can barely remember all that happened this year, things that i actually do remember go back only a month. 
So after a great effort going into this, I've listed all that i do remember about this year and that makes me Smillllle every time!!

1. Ami, Newest addition to our family! 
2. Every moment spent at L.C, for those who dont know, L.C is one of the best Hangout places
in my college, for me it has become a place of daily celebration and joy! (You have to have the Chhola Samosa with
the spicy chutney)
3. Seeing through our college's cultural fest from the start uptil the end of it, One of the best experiences I have ever had.
4. Getting selected for an Intern!
5. Making so many new friends, but at the same time losing a few (this doesn't make me smile :/)

To sum it all up, 
Another year goes by and i end up a tad bit more spiritual than i was before. 
and probably a little more mature.
Another year goes by and i am back to the place where i was 4 years up the slide, 
In search of light at the end of the tunnel, only that now there are multiple tunnels i stand facing. 
Another year goes by and i am deeper in love with 'you know who' and know she'll always be by my side.

That was my pathetic attempt at poetry, and therefore I should end this now. 
Lastly A very very Happy New Year to you and loved ones!

Anonymous 6

So here's the thing, I'll be plain honest about it: I can't recall any special moment in the last 365 days that stands out; when I try to rewind 365 days back I don't come across anything super awesome.
There. I said it. It took me some courage, but I did.
Probably I just can't recall the right thing. Or probably, sadly, anything super awesome just didn't happen.
But I'll tell you what I can recall when I rewind. Some tiny short-lived moments of pure happiness. India's world cup. Sky diving. Coming back home after a long year. Getting to meet the closest friends I hadn't seen in a year. Rafting. Spending some special moments with a special someone. Flying a plane. Driving in Dilli's rain at 9 in the morning on NH8 after so long. And many such things. Some of these are huge, but just a few of them are personal enough to me to move me. So what would I pick as the most beautiful out of such moving moments?
A few months ago, somewhere in the middle of the semester I was working on a project till 4 in the morning at a friend's place. Sadly, we weren't getting anywhere with it and it all seemed a waste. The project was due soon; I had never been unsuccessful to finish a CS project before that and I didn't plan to start then. We decided to pack up, get some sleep and continue the next day. So I left for my place.
Now as I said it was 4 in the morning. It was a cold. No one on the streets. When you wander through such streets and your mind is under stress you tend to start pondering and philosophizing. Foolish me, so did I. I realized how the semester was getting more and more stressful. I was having a hard time at many fronts: my classes, family, and even a few friends. I was feeling pretty bummed out. And then, instinctively, I looked up. No clue why, I just did. And there, right at the zenith, I saw a star cluster - Pleiades. 
I have always been into astronomy and star gazing, and Pleiades has always been the most beautiful thing in the night sky for me, but sadly I hadn't seen it for quite a while. And suddenly when I saw it, I had this weird rush of emotions through my head - the kind of emotions you feel when you suddenly talk to a close friend after forgetting about him for a long time. Shame, guilt, nostalgia, sadness, happiness. A rush of strong emotions. And I had this weird thought in my head - people say that you shouldn't get too obsessed with inanimate things; you should always be dependent on humans, because they are the ones who look out for you and they are the ones who you can learn from. But then why was it that during what was probably the toughest weekend of the year for me, when I was feeling let down by my friends, my family and even myself, it was only that star cluster light years away that made me feel good about something? Before I realized, I teared up a little. I don't care if you call me crazy, because I do too.

I was never able to finish that project. But since then, I do step outside every night before going to sleep to gaze at Pleiades for a while. It feels good.

Probably sometimes it's better to have some crazy obsessions that make no sense to anyone but you. It gives you a chance to connect with yourself.
That's what I learnt this year.

Anonymous 7

2011 was another happy year of my life. My constant sources of happiness: family, T and friends, made this year as eventful as it could be. But if I must name the most special time of the year, I'd certainly choose April, October and December. 

April: What made this month special was a 1 year old boy who, without any intention of sounding pompous, I can vouch for being the most handsome boy on this planet. To celebrate my nephew's first birthday we had planned a small family get together. It was nice meeting all relatives and family-friends, but nothing can be compared to the 10 days I spent with my nephew. I had never imagined that staying with a one-year old could be this much fun. I enjoyed each moment that I spent with him, be it making funny faces and noises to make him laugh, or watching movies like Bal Ganesh (I watched this particular movie each day, twice) or cartoons that could explain what a shoe was in fifteen different ways, or admiring his little hands and feet, or seeing him trying to chew on my phone, or trying(and failing) an hour to put him to sleep. Also what made it more special was the trip to Haridwar for his mundan ceremony. It had been too long a while that I last went on a family-trip. Maybe that made it all the more amazing. We had hired a taxi and started from home early morning, stopped on the way for lunch and reached Haridwar by evening. Despite of being tired because of a day long journey, there was something that the cool breeze there did to us, and we decided to go out for a walk by the riverside and returned to our rooms only after dinner. There's this early morning Aarti of the Ganga river which they say you should atleast attend once. I wasn't too excited about it because, well because it was at 5am. But the next morning, I was the first one to wake up, magically so, at 4:50am and awoke everyone, for the first time ever, and we went for the Aarti. We hurried and managed to reach by 5 but were told that the Aarti would be starting at 6 that day. We had one hour and I knew that if I returned to the hotel, I would certainly sleep and not wake up by 6. So we decided that we'd not go back to the hotel room. But it was too cold for a walk by the riverside. We saw a small restaurant which didn't look impressive at all. But the crowd, especially considering that it was 5am, was certainly impressive and so we had tea and chole-bhature there. It was one of the best breakfasts I had had, though I'm not sure whether it was because it tasted good or because it was the first ever in a cold morning at 5 with family. The Aarti was as beautiful as we had expected. After a few hours, my nephew's mundan ceremony took place. The sweetheart that he is, all he did was laugh during those 15-20 minutes. He is a happy kid but still we were surprised because of-course how can someone be so happy while getting their head shaved. Anyway, we then went to Rishikesh for a few hours and started back home. Even with its simplicity, this was surely one of the best trips I had ever been to.

October- The next most special incident happened in October when T had come home during a college break. There was a new member in his family, his pug puppy, whom I insisted I wanted to meet. So I along with three friends went to his home to meet Ami. Going to his home and meeting his mother had filled me with anxiety. I had rehearsed in my mind a few things I'd talk about to his mother, like the basic hello aunty how are you and wow you teach French, I love French. After getting down at the wrong metro station, accidentally reaching a park by the same name as his society and wasting over an hour, we finally reached his home. And just as most what-to-say-when-you-meet-someone-important rehearsals, mine went in vain too because as soon as I said hello aunty, one of the most cheerful doggies came running to me and for the next ten minutes I kept cuddling and patting him and he kept licking my hands and face. Then only after I realized I was actually at T's home and Ami realized there were other guests too, we stopped. But by then all the nervousness and anxiety had gone, thanks to the little savior. Rest of the day went just as good. His mother served us with some excellent snacks; I've known she's an excellent cook even before T and I became good friends. Then we all played carom and talked and laughed and it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes to his mother, clicked some photographs with Ami, laughed some more and left. (And yes it was very funny to see both the boys afraid of the little pup.)

December: December is special to me every year, because it's my birth month! I'm definitely a part of the majority of the people in the world who feel super ecstatic on their birthdays. I just love answering happy birthday phone calls, texts, and now even wall posts. I love saying thank you to each phone call, text, wall post with a big smile on my face. This birthday was as special as any other, maybe even more. I spent the whole day before my birthday with T. It was beautiful (leaving the details; it would take a whole day finishing this otherwise). At midnight, my college friends came to wish me and my school friends sent me a cake. The day had just begun and I was already exhilarated. The rest of the day was as fantastic as expected. Shopping and dinner with family was a perfect end. 

I have a smile on my face as I finished writing this. Recollected all the good times I've had this year. Thanks to you and your blog. Wishing you and all your readers a Happy New Year!

Anonymous 8

It was the most eventful year of my life...
If there is a talk about my life, then it cannot be completed without
talking about girls
this year has changed my perspive about girls
the biggest incident that happened this year was my break up with one,
and at the same time, entry of second
had been in a relationship with first one for 15 months and it had
become a burden
the problems between us kept piling and misunderstandings were on their peak
what caused the break up has many of them being her
incresing closeness with another guy
i always knew that i never loved her..coz i loved the second one since always
it was august when evrything happened..and if i am telling something,
it won't be told without the mention of date of each incident
in the first 2 weeks, there was the entry of second one...and met her
on august 16, after 1.5 years
the exit of first one was not instant...break ups kept happening again
and be precise, august 23, august 25, and finally on august
the addiction of each other didn't let us get apart that early...and
we remained in contact with each other for next 3 months, with
negligible talking in between
all the time we tried to make the other weak..but both didn't succeed finally
all the while, one thing that gave me strength was the presence of
second one in life
now the life is going almost smoothly, except the fact that the
memories of first one still keep haunting me at times...

Anonymous 9
Why are we here...
Still in quest for the answer..


Now I don't want to be all formal thanking you guys for taking out your time and all.
So I will just tell you which song the people from my neighbouring society are singing now.

Hum tujhko
Ladki hai tu
Badi Bombard
Aha aha aha

Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la


  1. I can easily guess who Anonymous 5 and Anonymous 7 are :P

  2. They would have been together had you not requested to be 6 :P

  3. @Anonymous 6
    Ofcourse you can :) I can guess who you are too, I think :P

  4. @Spectator
    They could have been 7 & 8? :|

    @Anon 7
    I am disappointed. It shouldn't be too difficult for you to guess who I am.


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