I have been in love for as long I can remember, starting when I was in 5th class. I was new to the school, and we had this fancy dress competition. I was dressed as David Copperfield and she as a fairy. Who could know then what love is, but I could not help thinking the whole day that I wanted to sit next to her. And would you believe it, the next day, our class teacher rejigged the seating plan, and she was sitting right beside me. That was my first tryst with love.

That day and today, I haven't been out of love any single time in these many years. This doesn't mean it has been for the same person all these years, or even been for a person for that matter.

I feel fearless these days, since I have it in mind to love everything that comes my way. If I am to be left broken again in the future, I will love the Sadness and Darkness as well. They anyway have been my greatest friends for a long time in the past, and I was really addicted. Then what is there for me to fear, when I am going to love everything that passes my way.

I have started living in the moment since many days. And that feeling gets stronger with each passing day.

If I am angry with someone, I wouldn't bring into picture the future or the past. Like I won't think I am never talking to that person again, or think of what I will do. I just live it that time and wait until the next feeling overtakes.

Today is all there is. Do anything you want to do today only. Don't wait for tomorrow. Never make promises about being with anyone for forever. Forever is a fickle word. If there is no guarantee of tomorrow being there, why add a tag to it!!

Even today isn't right, the moment is all there is.

So much love resides in everyone of us, but we all put innumerable conditions, limits and boundaries on it, we are never able to realize it's full potential. So we live a life of waiting and tentativeness and cynicism.

Not only love, but everything, I try to learn from music. It has taught me more than anything or anyone has or will. Once, if I used to love some song very much, I feared I won't like it forever. A friend of mine had the following say - listen to it only once a while, so the love remains longer. This is something I will never do. But I realized even if I get over this song, I will find some other song. It's the same with life. Love unconditionally, without fearing over it's eternity, love as much while it lasts. You will always find a bigger love. That's what life is all about, finding a bigger love to let go of the previous one.

There is not one thing that I love. I have learnt to divide it in a million little pieces in people or things I see everyday so I don't have to wait to receive it back from someone specific.

I love it when I can understand someone/thing. I love it even more when I can't.

I find someone to love everyday. No reasons are required to love. There was a time when I used to waste time contemplating which one I love more, but realised lately this is a worthless question not deserving so much ruminating. Just love.

So I find it much easier to love now than I might have some time back. I love so many people and things, and the ones which love me back, I reciprocate them by loving even more.

I only wish this fountain inside me never stops pouring. Uhmm, on second thoughts, I will love the loss of love as well.


  1. Wow, I'm a fan, again.
    The moment is all there is.
    And i always find your closing lines the most impactful. Simple, but impactful.

  2. I always feel good after reading your posts, in a way they do motivate me start my own blog, but well, thats another story. :)

  3. oh..i love it..the best, according to me..
    most inspirational..
    love with limits inhibits from realising its full potential..just can't tell how much i like this line..a line very close to my life..

  4. bowing down to the love inside you, or perhaps You only.

    "I will love the loss of love as well."- The spectator


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