It's that time of the year when the wind changes.
The change is subtle.
But I can feel it. Who can understand better than than me the one I romance.
I have made love with it too many times to be betrayed now.
It doesn't express it's love for me but I understand it in my love for it.
It brings with itself a certain tinge of the upcoming winter.
The fire quality it has will be subdued and replaced with the incessant cold spray.
Though it will burn more if you tried to dare it. Just try running against it and you will know what I mean. Just try seeing it without blinking your eyes and tell who relents earlier.
It's not just a season change, I believe this will herald a change in me and my life too. This time I don't know why but it seems to me it is bringing something along.
I can feel it when I go out to walk at midnight.
I can feel it when I go this park after it gets dark and I am the only one around.
I can feel it when I go to my balcony immediately after getting up.
When it embraces me and strikes me in the face, it whispers ever so smoothly, I am bringing something for you.
Something new.


  1. great one yet again i undetstand what u meany by i understand what u meant when u were refering to snow patrol as best for this season..

  2. I romance it too...
    I used to think I that I am the alone person who feels it, but I guess someone else feels it too...

  3. a similar change appears in the wind when spring arises..good one.. :)

  4. again, i like it alot..great expressions..changes are such an important part of not just nature but even our lives..they teach us and we learn from them..

  5. @vineet: Do you want me to read between the lines?! You should try Snow Patrol , and MGMT as well.
    @Pranali: No words now. I also could never think someone would be doing the same somewhere.
    @anon1: Correct, but a little before the spring arises, when the wind still retains a little of its forecoming chill.
    @anon2: :) Very rightly said. We can learn from just about anything.

  6. great piece of writing as always.
    There seems to be love in all of ur posts, ur perceptions of all things, thats great.
    its rare someone can experience so much love.

    <img src="

  7. @anon3: I wonder how you came to know this, I am amazed. One of my future posts (sitting) in the drafts is unwittingly dedicated to your this comment.

  8. I'm still not very fond of change.
    I don't hate it like i did earlier, but i still don't like it at all.
    But i can't help loving the last two lines..

  9. @Vyakhya: This is a change for the good.

  10. great work once again , change , i remember a nice quote , " the only thing that is permanent is change " .
    looking at the time you wrote this , i think i know what change inspired you to write this .

    "Just try seeing it without blinking your eyes and tell who relents earlier."


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