The nightmare (read: Midsem Exams) just got over, so did I. This post of mine is dedicated to the intriguing personalties you get to meet during exams.

>> "Second" types first. Anything less then full will cast doubts over his existence/manhood. His sadness on losing even a solitary mark will make you think his decade long girlfriend just dumped him. 2 marks lost and he will blurt, "My life is fucked". He falls short of just crying. And he starts contemplating suicide if someone is scoring more.

>> No matter what - a week before the exam, the night before the exam, morning preceding exam, after exam - one or the other of his relatives ( most times mother or sister ) is getting fucked. Actually he going to make that happen with us, the way his preparations are going on in full throttle.

>> Usually the syllabus isn't clear till the very end. So these types found out a new innovative way - Do every chapter from every available book in the market, and a little more . So there is never any problem regarding syllabus. And if the paper is way too tough, they come out of the ranbhoomi extremely concerned, not for themselves - they excel no matter what, but for the aam aadmis, like us.

>> As the exams approach, he tends to get lonelier. The world gets enveloped in a vast swathe of black (read: books ). He switches off his mobile. A strict no to Facebook. Outings to the toilet also become limited. He might have as well taken a retreat to the Himalayas after a sin-ridden life and this is his style of penitence.

>> He will come up to you in the morning for no reasons whatsoever and start blabbering, "Ham to voh hain jinko subah syllabus pata chalta hai", "Ham to pichhli raat ko bhi na padhne vaale hain", "Ham to voh hain joh bheek manngte hue phirte rehte hain ki koi padha do". You wish you could reply, "Ham to voh hain jinse aisi bakwaas nahi sahi jaati. Leave me alone, "ham toh voh hain, my ass" ".

>> Then finally, there's this type. Will know the syllabus atleast one week before. Will complete the syllabus well within time. Will not bitch or boast or bemoan. Will tell accurately his marks honestly coming out of the ranbhoomi. But sadly, this type doesn't exist.

One thing runs common among all. You love yourself for whatever you are, no matter how much you score or how much you don't. LIFE IS GOOD.

PS1 Now my next two posts are going to be diaries I wrote months back. Just to show you all how it felt. Don't take my seriousness seriously.
PS2 Thanks Arpit for helping me with the content and to thank you Agrima, I had to defy Shakespeare, since he said - "What's in a name?".

I have a knack for perceving things
I can see how it sounds
I can feel how it sings
When you paint me an image of who you are
I know it's the best by far


  1. Great great, u hav exceeded my expectationswith this one, we want more happystuff like this! n yeah i see a lotta ppl havalreadytold u, count mein too, the second type do exist!!!

  2. Now I have been convinced that they do. I will try to post more "happystuff" like this. Keep reading.


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