He entered the room, switched off the lights and slammed the door shut hard. He then walked off to the farthest corner of the room, where the wall was completely empty, stumbling along the way because of the darkness and sat down on the ground besides it.

He sat down quite for a minute. Then he got up, stared at the wall and punched the wall with his fist enveloping all the confusions and frustration within him. He had become very angry with all that his friends had to say. He shouted out.

Letting go. Is this what life is about?

You fail to jump over some hurdle for which you worked just too hard.
Let go.

You got betrayed by a friend who was too close to you for many years.
Let go.

Your dream which was everything to you shattered into a million pieces.

You didn't end up being with your love who meant the world to you.

Do we live just to let go?

Then after the echoes died down, another part of him spoke out.


Friends, this is going to my last post for quite a while now as I have got my exams coming up. I will return in a month if I am alive:P . Its been a short journey till now but I have loved every second it. Thanks to all of you who are reading it regularly and motivating me to continue. I hope I am back soon.


  1. I can so relate to this post... I have faced some major disappointments in my life... I was a believer of 'trying hard to get the things I want', even if they were running away from me. But in the end-life is a circle... U always end up where u first began the journey...

    I am a strong believer of 'letting things go' now & it has worked wonders for me... I always try & give my best shot... If they are meant to be mine, they will be with me or else not... This has really saved me many break downs which I used to experience earlier...

  2. Tries are never successful when you think of them as tries. You put it pretty well- Give it your best, if it's meant to be yours, it will be, else it will not. It hasn't saved me many breakdowns as you say but it will in the future. And the circle you talk of is an ever-increasing radius circle.

  3. Gosh... I never looked at it in terms of the increasing radius... Uve really got me thinking now...

  4. Its a spiral so if you look at it technically. You just swing down the spiral.


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