The third moment was when I talked to you for the first time. It was about the same time it was that autumn but a few months later. I was thinking about you and when I would get to talk to you for the first time, when you suddenly came and appeared in front of me. You would have walked away had I not called out your name. My heartbeat suddenly rose and I found it hard to frame sentences but I managed somehow. I knew then that I wanted you and that feeling has only grown since that day inspite of the moments when I have been angry and indifferent and confused.

It has happened more times since then that I think of you and you appear before me just then, even as I keep hoping it happens everytime I want it. As I walked away after talking to you, a wind struck me hard in my face reminding me of many things. The first words that came to my mind were - "I want it back". I felt all the pain surging back in me, sometimes I feel the same even now. And as I was walking the road that leads to the entrance gate, I coudn't stop thinking about the similarities between road and life. I was feeling so high and I wanted to run but didn't and my thoughts were not coming as thoughts but in words screaming to be written.

I love my college very dearly. I look forward to coming here everyday, and dont want to go once I do. Though I "cross rivers and climb mountains" to come to college as a friend puts it, but its my love for this place that doesn't tire me. I will write about this place more in the coming months and years until I am here and even when I leave. I already dread the last day in this place, when I will leave it for a new world, but until then, I hope I create a million happy memories in this place to revisit in the future which make me smile and laugh madly until the nostalgia takes over and makes my cry.

P.S. Don't kill me friends for I have not mentioned you anywhere. This place wouldn't be a byte of the gigabytes it is if it hadn't been for you all. The above mentioned moments were fleeting but what about the whole day, it is your company that keep me as joyous. I love you all as much as I love this place, or rather, I love this place as much I love you all. I know much more happiness than I knew before coming to this college, all thanks to you. I never thought I would make friends as great as I made in my school but I was mistaken. I cant tell you how much I look forward to seeing you all each day, someday I will surely write about it.


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