I profess it loud that I am in love, and deep in it. Now before you all get excited and ask me who the lucky one is, let me tell you its my college that I am talking about. Though I could list a thousand reasons to explain it, but I chose to list three moments that I have had in this college that made me fall in love with it irrevocably.

The first moment happened just the other day. It rained a little that day ( it was not a proper rain). I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my 879 blueline just to the right of the college entrance. Then I remembered that because the road was blocked some distance away due to construction work, the buses wouldn't come this way. So I started walking. I didn't have any specific destination in mind but just wanted to walk. Walk and think and contemplate about whatever came to my mind surrounded by the music. And because I had left early, I knew I could walk for any amount time, I could have walked all the way to the metro station.

I don't know why but I looked to my left, towards my college. And that was it!! I couldn't believe what I saw. The entrance gate of my college gate is surrounded by tall trees on both sides. The cotton balls were blowing from the trees over the roads and over the entrance gate and there were many of them in the air. It seemed as if the Orion-shaped entrance was the gate to heaven. The cotton balls seemed to be flying in slow motion. I saw for a second and then turned straight again and kept walking. If I were to gauge the beauty of that moment and compare it with something, I would compare it to the moment when you see in the eyes of the person you have loved for long the same love for the first time. The moment lasted for only a second when I turned to my left, but the effect will last forever.

The second moment happened last autumn. As is my habit now, I used to leave the college late. In those days, the day was shorter than it is now and it used to be dark very early.

I was descending down the stairs from the Computer Center that lead to the OAT. Seeing that no one else was there, I planned to sit down for a while as I prefer loneliness to anything else. I went and sat down on one of the last rows.

It was almost dark as not many of the lights were lit. There were not any stars visible in the sky either. I could listen the whistle of a train in some distance though in which direction that distance lay, I didn't know. A soft breeze was also blowing, carrying with it a heavy silence and it weighed on my thoughts as well. My mind since a long time remains confused and entangled within itself. My thoughts go in every direction at once, thinking about everyone who has had an impact in my life but thats not a necessary condition.

But then, my mind suddenly felt empty. I felt like a smoker. The whistle of the train amidst the silent breeze and the darkness under the starless sky being the high which faded out as I walked out from there but it remained imprinted in my mind and hope it does forever.


  1. OMG... Ur a DCE student!!! Someone is jealous...

  2. A computer engineering student. That "someone" more jealous now? ;)

  3. not jealous cos of ur branch...
    I've always hated computers...
    I am quite happy with ECE...

  4. I totally love this place and moreso the people here.


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