Scribbling Day, DCE COE Class of '13

How many more treats you want me to finance ?

The one true multi talented broddaaa!!!!

Hillarious person. Loved ur spirit of fighting tension.

Extremely energetic & imaginative. - A*

A great mentor! - U*

Hum aapke deewane hain, aap hamare dil me baste hain!!

Anant se bhi aage - D*

Loves Puzzles - A*

Good guy, helpful, me__ful coder - P*

Solutions after class :P - A*

I Love You - S*

The one whose laugh can be heard from miles

AAC - Chand chupa badal main

The Anant - That's It! - U*

My first quizzing teammate in college. You're the puzzle man from what I've heard now. You (resonate of) will always be remembered. All the best - A*

Black Blud! I know time changed our friendship but you are the first guy I made friend in DCE. You and a* look cute together. Be happy and keep her happy. - K*

We came to college together first day. Then we became colleagues :P. The most hardworking and responsible person and a good friend. Stay like this always aur thoda romantic hoja. "Sikka" ke deewane :P - G*

Marry me - You know who ( A* )

MBA guy turned engineer - A*

The one with whom I could share everything - A*

Subtle - Naaaa JK - A*

Anant you are a great guy! A* and you rock! Bestz! - M*

Anant mia = unprecented knowledge and talent.

Blackbud aka sharma deloitte guy aka wns aka Chandler :) :) - G*

You weight 2 kgs more coz of your beard!

Marry A*. Bless you both. - S*

Bhai will miss laughing with U - A*

Encyclopedia - S*


was an atheist before I started believing in you - TB

Yar teri hassi bohot yaad aegi - A*

Wish you all the best sir! A lot of expectations from IEEE DTU. Excel wherever you go! - R*

Thank God for Hyd or I would have missed out on one of my favourite seniors. MUST keep in touch - P*

O Captain My Captain - U*

See u at ISB in 2018 - A*

Realise ur talent - H*

Racist - A*

You always make us laugh

Sharma Guruji! Best advice deta hai tu, future mein bhi dete rahiyo :):) - G*

Check this space regularly for updates - A*

Because no words can define some people! U r one of them!! - Y*

Mr. Demon - V*
Mrs. Sharmili - C*

Awesome guy. Be like this always! - A*


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