2013 - Part 3

Anon 5
Towards the end of 2012, I met these awesome people(Trilords) in person, in one of the most awesome places(SIGs) and had one of the most awesome times of my life.
I was overwhelmed in the starting of 2013 with the efforts such wonderful seniors had taken for us, a feeling which was only to increase with passage of time. I became great friends with them, and then came the BootCamp. Undescribable. Or probably best described with the facebook statuses I updated then.
Had this amazing trip to Andaman and Kolkata, two brilliant places. Both reminded well of the colonial past, and treated with cherishable sights and experiences.
Andaman, a very laid back, pristine and enjoyable place, and Kolkata quite the opposite. And visiting them with your childhood friends and families as close as your own was incomparable.
College activities, projects and exams happened at their own pace.
Had this new found interest in programming, that was interview oriented. Had chacha's wedding during exams, and traveled to and fro out of station for a while. Summer vacations weren't much eventful except for an interesting hacking project at a boring place with boring people and the time spent in preparations. And then happened this unplanned trip with the same people as were on the previous trip. Didn't find a hotel to stay for the first day, spending time in our cars, quite an adventure. Got lost on the way and got to visit IIT Roorkee campus by mistake. Lovely experience as well.
Then came the internship season. Was prepared fairly well, and so went the preliminary written tests. But somehow things didn't work out. Maybe those who got selected, were better prepared. Some of them, maybe not.
Met with the harsher realities of life, the only failures in life after not getting desired college and then, the scores there. Deloitte left quite a few unforegetable moments in mind. Bittersweet memories.
The season did teach a lot, about preparations, about people, about how *stuff* works.
Let the inner foodie take its toll and went to popular, and the better known eateries all over Delhi, Kolkata and a few more places I went to. Only to realize that stuff's overrated.
Then the Trilords were to leave for their jobs, emotional moments. Prepared better for exams in the semester that made me realize the true worth of high aggregate scores, and also wanting to kick in the face of the idiot/evil immediate senior who had directed me on a wrong path a while ago.
Then the year concluded with frequently meeting Anurag sir, having jolly good times, planning a day out with all the Trilords and getting successful in making it possible to a little extent.
Overall, it was an average year. Better aggregate, an internship in hand and more time spent with the seniors would've made it better.

Anon 6

Koi acha teacher nai, bematlab ke exams aur fir bhi bachche un exams ki taiyari kar kar ke pareshan. Achchi job milne ke baad bhi santusht nai hain..aisa nai lagta ki kahin kuch galat ho gya life ke saath?

Kabhi ye desh Veerta ke liye prasiddh hua krta tha..aajkal kaayron ke liye hai. Logon ko yhi nai pta ki zindagi kyu ji rhe hain, padhai kyu kar rhe hain, job milne ke baad kya krenge.

Sabko pta hai education system chu*** hai fir bhi hum log to ise hi follow karenge..aur aajkal to hadd ho gyi hai...log apni CHAUD aise dikhate hain ki “maine to ek raat padhke 90% score kiya hai”...Ghanta kiya hai tumne...vo ek raat bhi barbaad kardi..

Kyu log galat ke khilaaf stand nai lete? Abe kyun hi exam mein number la rhe ho..? Ye dikha rhe ho kya ki kitna dimaag hai tum mein? Ya sirf ek job ke liye itna ghis rhe ho?

12 years school mein top kiya, college mein top kiya, ab kahin aur top karna hai..agar itna dimag kahin aur lagate to kya pta kuch naya achcha change aata is duniya mein..jiski bhot zarurat hai.

“Vo coder hai, mujhe bhi coder banna hai, vo kaise mujse acha coder hai...jabki vo chu*** dikhta hai? Ab main agle 4-5 mahine dhang se coding karunga.. aur uski bajaunga”..babaji ka thullu le le, kal agar tujhe koi acha singer dikh gya to singer banne lag jayiyo..barbaad hai aise logon ki zindagi

Aisa kyu kabhi dekhne ko nai mila muje ki kisi high scoring student ka best/close friend ek bhot hi low scoring student hai..? Agar aapne dekha hai to muje btana please...zara sochna is baat par..aajkal students ka group ban jaata hai..jaise caste system ko to hum log bhot bura batatein hain magar school college mein vohi cheezein krte hain..

Ek koshish ki thi maine is education system se hatkr kuch krne ki..maine second division se degree pass ki hai..aur aaj ek achi company mein job kar rha hu..ek khushi hai is baat ki, ki is education system ke bahar kuch try kiya aur ab vo karunga jo really really bhot important hai!

I wish you a very happy new year :)


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