2013 - PART 2

This was supposed to be here 3 months back but I kept waiting for a few friends to send their pieces plus I could not write my own review of the year. I am still not done with my review and my remaining friends are no longer are going to send their's. So here are the pieces of those friends who found time and sent.

Anon 1
Life has been great this year. Been through many ups and downs, but one thing has been constant and I wish that part of me stays constant throughout my life.

The year started on a sad note, with me failing in something important to me. Got back up on the saddle for it. Faced yet another failure. Got determined to face it one last time. Worked hard, harder than I've ever worked towards something. I believe I'll be successful this time, but even if am not, I'll be glad that I did recognise that I can work hard, rather than being just a lazy bum.

On the work front, it has been the same old story, with ever rising targets and ever lowering efficiency. People often say that my work has become a big part of my life, but I still consider it to be the least of my concerns and the tiniest part of my life. The biggest part is the constant that I mentioned above, the one am glad for. The one, around which my life revolves.

I wish a very happy and prosperous year to all the readers out there.

Anon 2
2013 was really really splendid ,embellished with lots of joys, meeting the most “awesomest” people around :D ,making friends like never before, hanging out with them, gala time with family, little ups and downs followed by a pool of laurels, disappointments coupled with lessons to learn, fleeting failures elevating me everytime I’d face them, petty quarrels :P, now-make-up-for-it sessions, special beautiful moments, birthdays, useless treats :P, shopping, countless long walks, endless crazy talks (it already began  to rhyme :P) , spurt of happiness, restlessness, content, cheering up people around and the serene feeling it leaves behind,those awesome but scarce sleepovers :D, an assortment of my very own katta’s :P, movies, sitcoms, gossips, teasing friends, post-exam truffles at Nesci(totally irrespective  of how the exam went :P), bunking lectures, taking SIG’s ,realizing my true calling, coding, finding out where do I see myself 5 years down the line, getting a good internship, the feeling of being a senior and being given respect, being able to vote,  and witnessing lots of amazing stuff. Along with the flowers, there indeed were some thorny patches but fortunately I was able to pick myself up quite nicely. This year made me discover those avenues of life which were yet unexplored by me(skipping on all the details).There were times when I got confused but luckily the guidance and support of people closed to me, did not let my career-orientation dwindle. The author of this blog deserves a special mention in keeping me motivated all the time and taking out time whenever I’d require. He alongwith with few other seniors, are to be credited for the beautiful passage of this year. I would rather say this year was all about my friends, seniors, family, Coding and my beautiful campus :D
Looking forward for an even better and more amazing year :D

Anon 3
Writing about my year review for 2013 is going to be pretty amazing. 2013 brought a lot of unique experiences with itself.
It started with my final on campus placement on the coldest day of the season. It was a pretty heavy day, but finally everything was decided that day as to where i’ll be going after college. Now the only thing that was left to be done in college was to have as much fun as I can as it was the final year. I went for many local outings with friends, celebrated and enjoyed all the official/unofficial events of college like fests, batch photograph day, hostel night, farewell night, scribble day, birthday parties and other miscellaneous parties for any random reason. All these days were actually spent in a manner like they won’t come again, and we all knew that it was true, this time would never come again.
There were a lot of trips that I made with my family in this year. One was a trip to Jaipur, the pink city. It was a nice trip. Other was the Varanasi-Allahabad trip for the Maha Kumbh mela, a spectacular experience it was. The third trip of the year was to Srinagar. It was also an amazing trip, just that if we’d gone in winters then it would have been much better with snow and everything. One more trip towards the end of this year was the Jaipur (or rather the Le Meridien) trip with office colleagues. This was a nice trip where I got to know more about a few good people there. And of course first five star trip ever, awesome food, awesome room, awesome bathroom, awesome architecture and design. :D
Close to the end of mid year was the time to move from the college world to the professional world. Initially everything was great as I met new people who had joined from different colleges. Some of them became good friends during the induction and training period. When it was time to join the production floor, initially I found it pretty difficult to settle in. I found people there to be very weird, I didn’t like the work at all as it was totally alien to my imagination. Only one person, who was initially assigned as my buddy, I found to be sensible, very helpful and a good person. For nearly one month there I found each day to be very challenging due to one thing or the other, but then as I got to know about how people actually are and how work is done I had actually started feeling very complacent and a bit comfortable too. But I knew in my heart that this is not what I want to do in life, that is becoming complacent in the initial years of my career itself. So I started looking for a change outside the company as inside the company it was not possible at all. I managed to get an offer from a company after a few attempts. I researched well about this company and also considered all the aspects of making the transition from my current company to the new one. This decision was a tough one, but I finally decided to leave my current company. Real drama started when people in my current company started knowing about my decision. As expected my buddy supported my decision. I told my manager, he was shocked. He set up a meeting with the VP for me to discuss my decision. When I persisted with my decision, a meeting with the HR was set up to tell me about the implications of leaving the company in the current circumstances. I felt that I was being pressurized to stay in the company at each stage, but I didn’t want to change my decision (also as there was no scope left to change it). There was a huge monetary loss and other undefined losses which I would need to bear if I leave, and yet not knowing with a complete 100% conviction that my decision is correct because the facts supported only a part of my decision. So I had thought one thing, that I will work hard to make sure that I do not regret over my decision and never look back. Because if I start looking back, I will see 100 things gone wrong in my life. I have realized that life is in moving forward with the best spirit and only doing the best for not just yourself but also the society as a whole.
This year I also realized that I have made some very good friends in my college life, who are always there to hear me out, to give me good advice, to support me from time to time when I needed them, to laugh together and stay connected even when college was over and we did not get an opportunity to meet each other that frequently as we did in college.
2013 has been wonderful as learning from new experiences is what it was full of. All the bad experiences have made me stronger, less afraid to do anything new and having the courage to speak my heart out. All the good experiences have brought happiness to my life. I am thankful for both the good and bad experiences equally.

Anon 4

Last year I said I will be on a high, writing this post I am literally high, 34000 feet high.
This was a year of dreams come true, friendships, indescribable experiences.  In February I boarded my first flight alone, and in August I was on a flight to New York, my first trip outside the country and that too on the longest flight on planet. Come April, and it was probably the best month of my college life. I made so many friends, and some old friendships got stronger. I(we) organised the event of my life, something that was in the plans for last two years. Trip to Microsoft, Photo session day, Farewell, India Gate, Scribbling Day, Murthal, unexpected COE get-together in Basketball court, so much happened in a span of 2 months.

Much more was about to happen in the next two, in the next two months I would apply for visa, get the visa, buy tickets, pack my bags for New York, not for just a trip, I will be frigging going to the “best city”(or so does The Spectator believes ), to start a new life or the lack of.

“The city never sleeps”, if it applies to any city, it does so to New York City. There are always people on the streets, on the subway, in the college Library, at Times Square, outside Empire State, on the Brooklyn Bridge. Everything we grew up seeing in movies, TV Shows, Thanksgiving Parade, Halloween Parade, Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, Macy’s, Forever 21,  ‘gori ladkiyan’ , everything is real, and exactly as we saw on screen. In my last few days in the city, after giving two exams, watching GOW 1 ,GOW 2 back to back, we  set out for Brooklyn bridge at 6 in the morning, then somebody thought it would be a good idea to do the only free thing in New York, Statten Island Ferry, next stop Gurudwara(Queens), by now we were 4/5 boroughs of new york, so had to go to Bronx, and then we were 5/5 boroughs completely sleep deprived, and back to campus in Manhattan, give one final presentation and head off to Atlantic City and there we ( …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………), what happens in Atlantic City stays in Atlantic City.

I have conveniently left out the brutal 4 months of studies at Columbia, but who wants to talk about the ‘good’ stuff anyways.  Something that I have learnt in these four  months is humility, and well what goes around comes around (damn you Microsoft, jk will always love you) One song that has stayed with me through highs and lows in the past few months:

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh
There's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York
New York, New York


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