I am not going to term this as another comeback to avoid being ridiculed.
It's just an attempt to do something I once loved dearly - writing.
It's not that I have not attempted to write in these 6 months, I have. My drafts are home to some incomplete pieces.
I want to blog, but the words just dont come, like they used to come last year.
I am just forcefully typing away on my keyboard, just because I want to chronicle my life and I'm tired of writing incomplete posts.
I always tried that whatever I write is a refection of beauty, and was satisfied with whatever I came up with. But it has seemed impossible to write in the old way again.
I guess I will have to accept that I won't be able to write that way again. You too be prepared to read nothing like my older posts.
I don't think I now have the patience to write long posts like I used to write back then, so atleast the first few posts now will be short.
Maybe in the future, I will again write something I like.
For now, it will only a attempt to get back to one of my lost loves.


  1. You always write what interests you deeply and i just love it. you need not tell you love writing... one can make it out from your words... you write yourself.. your soul..your heart.. your voice....

    waiting for your next masterpiece.. :):)

  2. Remember that you aren't writing to please anyone but yourself, and- it has been my experience that- the rest will follow. Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck with this. :)

  3. @anon1: :):):)
    @nithya: Yes I will remember that :)
    I have been reading your blog for some months now, but couldn't find anything to comment, at least on your food blog :D
    And a stranger on my blog makes my day, so thanks :)

  4. mann aapke blog par post ko dekh ke ati prasan hua, par chinta bhi karta hai kahin yeh post aapke dukh ko toh nahin darsha raha, kyunki kaha tha aapne ek baar ki "jab dukhi hote hain tabhi likh sakte hain". aasha hi kar sakte hainn ki aisa naa ho, ya hum ye aasha karein ki aisa ho. just remembering another thing u said tht "its a lot better not to be writing than being happy" dunno. but be sure and confident that u write great and though not stranger will always be glad to read your posts whatever they are.And dont worry old always paves the way for new, thats life.


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