After pondering over it for a long time, he decided that he would let go of her. He looked around for a pencil, paper and an eraser. Though it took him some time as he hardly kept his things arranged, but he managed to find them. He then sat down and took the pencil in his hand and gazed at it.

Her face was all that was before his eyes. The way she used to smile, he could give up everything just to see that crescent once more. Each time she used to smile, a wave of invincibility swept him. And her eyes, their depth never he could make out, but then assumed that were as deep as his life.

He wrote down her name on the paper, the letters which meant the world to him and then stared at them. After a considerable amount of time had passed, he picked up the eraser and erased the letters which he had just written.

This was his way of letting go of her. He sincerely thought each time he erased her name, he would let go of her bit by bit and erase gradually every corner in his life which she had occupied.

This went on for many days. It used to be the same paper and the same position on it every single time.

Many days passed. One day, when he took out the paper from the drawer where he used to keep it in, he felt something awkward. He realized that her name had become engraved on that piece of paper. No matter how many times he erased, the engraving would not be undone.

He sat down on the ground with his head in his hands. He sat numb , unable to think of anything. The paper was his heart, on which she was etched irrevocably. Life was the pencil and mind the eraser. No matter how hard or how many times he tried, he couldnt let go of her.

He woke with a headache and wondered when he slept. He thought he must have slept while lost in his own entangled thoughts. But it all made perfect sense, he couldnt possibly forget her.

She was the first ray of the sun to climb up the horizon to wake him up in the morning and the silent shimmering of the stars of the night sky looking into which he would have to sleep each night.


  1. GOD anant .... u ve written this ??
    fuckin awesum ....
    bhokal likha he be ...

  2. hav experienced it, though not for a living word for it, 'TRUE'.

  3. nice..reading it was much much better than listening about it..awesum stuff..

  4. Thanks all for reading, keep following it and I hope to keep coming up with good stuff.

    Yes Tanmay, I have written it.
    Nice to know that Arpit.

  5. Straiht from the heart brother...ehhh

  6. I was wondering if a 'WOW' from my side would be needed for this post, when already so many people have said it earlier...

  7. It sounds different from everyone and valued the same each time.


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