Lonely in the late night
Treading the only road I know
Contemplating the day gone by
Thoughts heavy cross my mind

Defeated by myself
I walk on confused
My outside in perfect contrast
To the tumult raging inside

Lost, I didnt notice
That a cold encompasses me
Its the wind that starts blowing
And leaves rustle showing gratitude

My heartbeat slows down
A void starts filling me
Dissolving away my thoughts
And untangling every knot

Clearing my path of these leaves sallow
The memories bleeding that lay in my path
Nudging me to smile again
Is it the wind?
Or is it you?

Echoing promises of taking me away
From this world of sorrow and deceit
To a realm of sweet tranquility
Is it the wind?
Or is it you?

Been in this darkness for long
Day I desire not
One star light will blind
Drifting from my eyes these clouds black
Is it the wind?
Or is it you?

Its still yesterday
Waiting for today to come
But it seems too far away
Past is my life
Past has my life

Today is all I want
A life is all I want
Holding my hand
And walking me into today
And forever
Is it you?


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