Nana ka khat

Feb 25, 2017

Our dear Anant,

Wish you sound health, happiness and harmony with your friends, co-fellows and American environment. YD Ji and Savita have the knowledge and facilities to use the modern technology and talk to you on telephone daily and feel pleasure. I can not use the smartphone properly. Hence as our promise I am writing this letter on 25th Feb, birthday of Savita, which you also know. I am too late to post this letter, so you need not mind about my laziness. We hope that might be studying well in accordance with our expectations. We are confident that you have to make your mark in life due to firm determination, self-confidence, sincere studies and time management. In this age of IT the world is changing very fast. There is longer competition everywhere. So one has to be very careful for one's professional career.

You have to keep in mind the Upanishdic Udghosh(dictum), which was the main mantra of Swami Vivekanand. 'Arise, Awake and Rest not till the goal is achieved'. It's the golden period of your life. You have to make the best use of time, which is in your hand, for your studies. Study with pleasure, have no tension, take due care of your health. Life is worth living. Life is like music. Only performance gives pleasure. The essence of Gita, 'work thy duty, reward thy not'. Our actions bear fruit by this grace only. We expect that you may recite/read Hanuman Chalisa daily whenever you get time. Hanuman ji provides strength, intelligence, knowledge and avoids the miseries of life. For smooth functioning of our life we have to pray to God particularly at rising and sleeping time.

On 19th Feb, your nani went to Delhi to stay with Sanjay for ten-eleven days. Best wishes on her behalf to you. Dinesh ji, Kavita, Piyush and Ayush are all quite OK. Piyush isnt so particular for his studies. Sanjaya, Aishwarya, Chaitanya and Vidita are quite OK. I promise I will not be late in writing letter to you. Go on smiling and be happy.

With heartiest best wishes for your bright career
Laxmi Narayan


  1. This is simply amazing. You are really lucky.
    All the best.

  2. Thank you so much! I've always known that I'm quite a lucky bastard.


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