Dad to me, just before I left for college - "It's been so many days that you have been taking car to the college. How come you never brushed it against anything ?"


Speed = s
Distance of Aunty Ji from my car = d

An empty road, awesome weather, let's push the pedal.
s = 85 kmph

A slight turn in the road.
s = 80 kmph
An object appears at some distance. Namaste Aunty Ji .
d = 50 mts ( She was standing right in the middle of the road )

Me thinking , "Normal sight on roads. She will cross."

s = 75kmph
d = 40 mts
Aunty Ji runs two yards, only to realise she wouldn't be able to reach the road divider until after I crossed her .

s = 70 kmph
d = 30 mts
Aunty Ji takes a step back.
I push the brakes a little.

s = 60 kmph
d = 20 mts
Aunty Ji calculates mentally.
Realises that I was 'slowing' down.
Takes a step forward.

s = 55 kmph
d = 15 mts
Just the next second, she thinks that she had misjudged my speed.
Again calculates mentally. Steps back.
Me thinking, 'which genre would this dance fall in !'

Me - braking hard now.
s = 45 kmph
d = 10 mts

Aunty Ji leaves it to me now.
Leaves it to God.
Remembers her children, her husband.
Says sorry for every wrong that she has done.
Me thinking, " " .

s = 35kmph
d = 5 mts

I swerved to the right, without caring to look if anything was behind me. I din't give Aunty Ji another look. I tried to calm my heart beat.

Later, at the traffic light, me and my friend shared a good laugh. We debated whether we would have hurled Aunty Ji in the air or would she have crouched on our bonnet.


Me and my friend were returning from the hostel after an intense duelling session on Pocket Tanks ( I suck at it, allegedly and I am apparently good for giving useless advices only ). We had our Control System Lab and I parked my car a little far from the Electrical Block. You see cars have a higher density than the students out here in our dear college. After getting out of the car, I said to my friend non-chalantly, "Yaar gaadi lab ke paas khadi karni chaiye thi, boht distance hai yahan se toh".
He replied, "Voh din soch jab distance gate se hota tha".


I guess if they try to start a show Frustration Circus on the lines of Comedy Circus, they just need to shoot the traffic on the roads of Delhi. One will definitely get frustrated to the extent that he will actually laugh whenever drivers are busy showing their driving skills. Whenever someone tries to find out, how did swear words gain so much popularity, driving on the Delhi roads will be quite high.
Allright, I got emotional. Let us get back to the episode.
I turned right from a red-light in Rohini, soon to see 2 cars over-take me. I was determined to drive carefully after the near-mishap in the morning. Just as the third was trying to overtake my, I accelerated and saved the little pride those 2 over-taking cars had left. I managed to stay ahead of the Santro guy for another 2 traffic-lights. But then, he zipped past me. Well , not exactly zipped, that's impossible in those narrow roads.
To get back my spot was going to be difficult, but it din't stop me from trying.
I kept trying for the next kilometer or so.

Then came a junction in the road.
I had to take a left for home.
He took right.


I kept running after them,
I made them run after me,
We reached a junction in the road.

They went to the right,
For home,
I had to take left.


  1. LOL... that was funny :)

  2. That was not funny, and this is not supposed to be a blog post, you think too much of yourself, and have too much faith in your brakes, fail your self, before your brakes do.


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